#46 How Beliefs Effect your Biology

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Every Thought has a chemical reaction, learn how it effects your body good or bad

Increasing evidence exists of the power of mind over matter. Thinking can make you ill or make you better because your mind and body work in unison. The placebo effect (where a patient gets well while unknowingly taking a sugar pill rather than real medication) demonstrates the ability of the mind to heal you physically. Optimism supports both health and emotional
wellbeing. Any activity that makes you happy enhances immunity. Your tissues are intelligent. Your immune system has the capacity for memory and responds to positive feelings. The most immediate way for you to help your immune system is by introducing positive and life-affirming responses to your situation, which reduce the body’s state of hyper-arousal and stress. You’re able to move feelings from defeat or despair to hope and action by changing the focus of your mind from the negative to the positive and creating a plan to have your needs met.

For example, research suggests that after being diagnosed with breast cancer, patients who increase hope for recovery with the clear intention to be positive about an effective future have a better quality of life and, for some, improved recovery. Another study shows that when patients decrease their stress and quieten their bodies, they reduce their levels of the hormone cortisol and their prognosis improves.

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